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Auto Repair Website Design

Our focus for this project was to get a new website designed that was easy to update and maintain. My clients were desperately searching to work with someone local that they could contact quickly and I am glad they found me.

“Hannah is very pleasant, patient (I know we drove her nuts), creative and hard working. We contacted her after hours on multiple occasions and she always found time for us. We are extremely happy and highly recommend her!!”


My experience

Yet another awesome gig! There was a lot of different things that I could deliver on this site. Each of them was extremely beneficial to the business and I was happy to implement everything properly. I made a new and updated commercial, redesigned the website and put it on WordPress, fixed up their Google Listing, which has earned over a hundred reviews since, and digitized the logo. And it was all so much fun.

The problem

My clients’ site was practically being held ransom. They couldn’t update the site or contact the people in India who made it before. The site held outdated info about their location which had them losing out on a lot of business. On top of that, the Google Listing had the wrong address too but the owner of the listing could not be contacted — yet another way they were losing business. The logo on the old site wasn’t even their real logo. The previous web designer just made something up??

The solution

So I got to work getting everything together. From the new appropriate logo to securing the domain, establishing them as owners of it and the listing, to building out a new site and creating a new simple commercial for their business. I made myself available as I do with every project I work on. So if they wanted any changes or had any questions, they knew I was just a phone call, text, email, or even short drive away.


I particularly love working on businesses that have a lot of small things wrong, which when updated, can drastically improve the business. With all the updates and changes, I was happy to hear one year later that sales went up significantly last year. So I’m looking to help them do the same this year as we move onto bigger better ways to improve business and increase sales.

By Hannah Fitzgerald, Owner, MarvelousWeb Media

Business: Earl’s Collision Center

Industry: Auto Body Repair Shop

Project Length: 5 Weeks

Services: Website Redesign, Google Listing Setup

Website: www.earlscollisioncenter.com

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