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Fitness Website Design & Facebook Marketing

Our focus for this project was to design a high converting landing page and create a great website to go along with it. We helped our client save nearly $25,000 per year by offering better pricing that yielded better results.

“My husband and I own a business, Markoski Fitness. We do personal training in Columbus, Ohio. Hannah has helped us SO much with getting our client base growing. She designed us a great website, runs our Facebook ads, and gives us lots of great ideas. She is always around to answer questions too. Out of all the experience with marketing professionals that we have, Hannah is the best. We won’t be using anyone else!”


My experience

I really enjoyed this project quite a bit. I loved the simple design for the website and the complexity of creating perfect Facebook ads that get a great ROI for my clients. It took a while, as per usual, to get the Facebook Ads booming with results, but after that we were smooth sailing. My client had no website previously, so I wanted to build something to simple to represent them online and show who they are and what they do.

The problem

The problem for my clients was the cost of their previous Facebook ads manager and not getting a good ROI for the service. On top of that, I personally felt not having a website was an issue that needed to be resolved.

The solution

I charged a fair price to run their ads and got a website built for them pronto. We tested out multiple promotions, landing pages, and I even helped them with their approach on speaking with prospects and turning them into paying clients.


In the end, well, I got the review above haha. I’m so happy to be able to help them with their business. And I am so happy that they were able to save so much with me while still gaining so much. Overall, it was a great project and great experience.

By Hannah Fitzgerald, Owner, MarvelousWeb Media

Business: Markoski Fitness,

Industry: Health & Fitness

Project Length: 4 Weeks (Web Design)

Services: Web Design, Facebook Marketing

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