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Music Magazine Website Design

Our focus for this project was to redesign the website to better appeal to a younger audience, increase engagement, and monetize the site properly. My client wanted a cleaner, modern design that still captured the heart of their business.


My experience

This project was very interesting for me. It’s one of the larger sites of worked on in terms of traffic and the process for the redesigning was very unique as well. I came into this project analyzing all the things they need to change. And there was quite of bit of issues. Going through them all was a blast though and I loved every aspect of this unique project.

The problem

There were many WordPress issues preventing them from performing important tasks on the site, the design was outdated, and there were no monetization strategies for this site which gets a huge amount of hits every month. I couldn’t believe it but I was still glad I was here and able to help now. So my mission was to get all this right.

The solution

So one goal was to get WordPress working correctly. I fixed all I could but their current hosting was a big issue as well and I recommended a switch over of that to something that now can handle things right. With much preparation I implemented a speedy overnight redesign so they wouldn’t lose essential traffic with me updating the site and all. Over the final few weeks of the project it was all about battening down the hatches and checking to make sure everything was working as it should. Finally, I taught the employees how to change things out on their own for the website, so simple tasks could be handled within the business.


Substream has been outfitted with a fresh new design and has a WordPress platform that can handle all the posts they create on  daily basis. They also have the ability to log in and make any changes they need without encountering tons of WordPress errors. With the new hosting the website no longer crashes from traffic and viewing rates and retention have increased. Overall it was a really fun and unique project and I was happy to make such big changes on such a big site.

By Hannah Fitzgerald, Owner, MarvelousWeb Media

Business: Substream Magazine

Industry: Music Magazine

Project Length: 6 Weeks

Services: Web Design, Marketing, WordPress Fix

Website: www.substreammagazine.com


  • completely custom designed to perfectly match what my client wanted
  • workarounds to make sure the site stays up
  • thorough research to create a design that performs well

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