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Kitchen Remodeler Website Design

My client does some beautiful work so our goal for this site was to display that work properly and show why people should choose him to build their dream bath or kitchen.

“Hannah was instrumental in making my website a very professional advertising tool for me she was prompt and was very meticulous about the setup and photographs that were shown.”


My experience

While this project was challenging the end product is truly something I am proud of. I wanted to focus on killer copy that converts and showcasing past projects in the best way possible. Coming up with the final design for the pages was very satisfying and delivering on exactly what my customer dream of was even more.

The problem

The main issue for this project was actually securing the domain and making sure my client was the owner. Due to unfortunate life events, we couldn’t so easily get access to it again. The old design was very outdated and did not showcase any of his more recent modern work. This is a huge problem when your business relies on the quality of work you produce to get a prospect to even consider you.

The solution

We eventually got the hosting and domain together. My client had full rights to his domain now. I got to work quickly on building the site and designing it just right for my client and his specifications. I set up custom solutions to display the projects and made sure my client would be able to easily add them himself.


In the end, my client was super happy with the finished product. There some things he wanted changed and fixed and I was happy to oblige. Knowing that my clients are getting exactly what they want, is my number one goal. I never deliver anything less.

By Hannah Fitzgerald, Owner, MarvelousWeb Media

Business: B.C. Kitchen and Bath

Industry: Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling

Project Length: 8 Weeks (Web Design)

Services: Web Design, Intro Marketing

Website: www.bckitchenandbath.com

Before & After:

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