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I am not only gald that I was able to reach you and provide a piece of content that can really help your business, but I am also happy that you are ready and taking steps to further your business. 

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The content in the ebook is excellent but I've got something else for you down below that I think you would really enjoy and is even better. 

How About A Website Incisive Audit...On the House (i.e. free)

(This is an actual  limited time offer and goes to the first 10 people who take advantage)

Gal Levy

AMID Financial Center

In today's world where everything is done online, its hard to know who you are dealing with and if the individual you are hiring can do what you are requiring. From my experience with Hannah, everything was performed very professionally. Hannah Fitzgerald, Thank you very much for all the work you did. Wonderful job on a very interesting and difficult project, for agreeing to except my changes without asking for more money, for trying out 3 different solutions for my task, for helping me understand what is really involved in the project I am asking for and what I was missing.

Frank Whitaker

Earl's Collision Center

Hannah is very pleasant, patient (I know we drove her nuts), creative and hard working. We contacted her after hours on multiple occasions and she always found time for us. We are extremely happy and highly recommend her!!

Ed R.

Red Door Real Estate

Hannah designed my website, and she has continued to provide support services for the site. I have truly appreciated her work and professionalism.

Douglas Trattner


After attempting to create my own business website, I quickly realized the need to call in a professional. I ended up working with Hannah Fitzgerald of Silkland Marketing, who proved to be the perfect mix of speedy, responsive and affordable. I didn’t need the most complicated website – just a place where potential clients could view my freelance writing clips – but other designers always seemed to want to complicate matters and charge accordingly. Hannah produced no more and no less than what I needed. I’d recommend her without reservation.

Hannah Fitzgerald, Owner | MarvelousWeb Media
Hannah Fitzgerald, Owner | MarvelousWeb Media

Check out what's inside:

An authentic, custom, personalized analysis of your current website. I go over every single inch to uncover and expose all the little things that may be holding your site back from converting.

Keep it simple. I will give you the most important need-to-change steps that are easy to follow and can transform your business website within a day. I consistently see small changes double revenue or increase conversions!

I have your back. I'm here for you and will show you everything with no holding back of what you need to change. You will be surprised at how simple some of the fixes are.

More than the website. I analyze your position on online and provide a checklist of what you can do improve your traffic coming to the site. Some business are one smart decision away from increasing their sales like crazy, they just don't know it. I'll let you know.

Oh, and keep in mind. This is not dumbed down, typical "free" content where I leave some things out to sell you later. I am going through the exact same process that I use for all of our personal and portfolio websites. I am showing you exactly what I would do to transform your site from a lead dumping site to a lead pumping site!

So if you are interested, and I REALLY hope you are, just click the button below to get started. It won't take more than 30 seconds.

  • Don't have a website yet? That is perfectly fine. I will simply analyze your business online overall and guide you to how your website should be setup for your company as well as design tips moving forward.