Search Engine Optimization

Every business needs a strong online presence and a killer digital marketing strategy. If you’re not quite sure where to begin with online marketing, you’ve come to the right place.

At MarvelousWeb Media, we have years of experience consulting companies, designing websites, developing online strategies and creating fool-proof digital marketing plans. With our help, your site will have an attractive on-brand aesthetic, optimized content and search engine support so you’re in the best possible position to thrive online.

Our expert digital marketing services include SEO and SEM, Google business listing, and comprehensive content marketing.

Here's What WE Do.

Keyword Analytics

With keyword research and analysis, we can find the terms that people are using for searches, then target those terms to drive traffic to your site organically. This also helps save time by targeting efforts where they’ll have the most impact, and improve conversions as the numbers of visitors to your site increases.

Tracking & Analytics

Tracking and analytics are also important for SEO. While there are thousands of possible metrics to zero in on, we can help you narrow down the essential ones and adjust your strategies based on that data.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO efforts focus on improving your individual web pages to perform better on search engines, and, in turn, net you more of the right traffic. We know how to adjust those pages through HTML and content to yield the best results.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO includes non-site efforts you can undertake to help improve your rankings and traffic. This includes link building, but we’ll go beyond that to devise an all-encompassing strategy that utilizes multiple methods.

Google My Business Optimization

A “Google My Business” profile can help get your business on Google Maps, and improve your chances of getting noticed by customers. It can be a powerful marketing tool, also allowing you to engage with customers, gain insights, and position your business ahead of competitors. Our optimizations will help make sure you’re getting the most out of your listing.

Content Marketing

Through engaging content, you can reach out to your customer base and direct them towards your products and services. We’ll help you create content that builds a strong relationship between you and your audience, and deliver it with the consistency that will keep you relevant.

To learn more about search engine optimization services from MarvelousWeb Media, drop us a line today! We leave nothing overlooked in your digital marketing campaign.