We build awesome websites and unique strategies that pump customers into your business.

We're no nonsense. We get you results, and don't quit until we do. When you are our client, our success is your success. Check out the specifics of what we do below.

Web Design

We bring the passion and skill when it comes to building a responsive site that fits you and your ideal client. We focus on you and make sure your new website aligns with your business goals. We design amazing websites that make you stand out. We develop sophisticated code that Google loves. We deliver to you a finished product that helps you reach your business goals faster!

Reputation Management

Reputation Management is so powerful and so effective. Having heaps of five star reviews gets you more customers, it builds your brand reputation online, puts you FAR ahead of you competition and grabs customers that would have otherwise looked you over before. We love this service because it gets results super fast and is a great first step to work with us and see how serious we are about helping you succeed.

Digital Marketing

We build strategies that will help your business last for generations.

Sure, we make some great looking websites here at MarvelousWeb Media but having only a website isn’t always enough. Often you need to market that newly designed website. We work with you and your specific needs to build creative digital strategies that get your business out there. Our single focus? Results that make you smile.

Social Media Management

Now, you know you don't want to deal with social media...But we do!

You may know how essential social media is to your business in 2018 and beyond but you don't want to deal with all that. So let us do all the hard work for you. We don't just create, setup, and manage your social media accounts, we market your services effectively. We get crazy results with social media and would love to take this burden off of you once and for all. 

We also offer web development services for those in need of website fixes, improvements, or updates and not design. This service is offered at a low hourly rate because its simply super fun to do! 

The Process

  • Chat

    We are going to dig deep to find out exactly what you need from a website. This allows us to create a perfect, custom website solution that you couldn't even dream of. You'll be speaking with the owner and lead designer and marketer, Hannah Fitzgerald, directly. Who will ask just the right questions to make this project a success and even help you discover things about you and your business you never thought of before. 

  • Research

    Research galore! We take EVERYTHING we've learned from you to start researching even more ideas and ways to achieve everything you want from your website and so much more. Because of all the information you provide, we are able to start putting together one awesome solution for you. 

  • Sitemap

    The sitemap lays out all the pages and kind of content that will be on those pages. You will have the chance to see how we are going to structure your message and deliver it to your customers. It is a visual overview of the purpose of the site. 

  • Mock-up

    With our mock-ups you will be able to see the site and request changes to the design before it ever goes live. We create flat images of what the major pages on the site will look like so you can see the overall theme of your website. Once you approve the design we are ready to go live...

  • Launch

    Now your lead machine is ready! At this point the site is done. We like to allow you to go through again and make any final changes because we want you to be so happy with your site. Now that the site is finished it is time to get traffic flowing by implementing a custom digital marketing strategy.

Why Wait? Let's Get Started Today!