Making a Website is Hard???

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Updated January 12, 2024

Is it easy to make a website?

Do you need to know AJAX, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, Python, PHP and other complex languages to design a website? Well we are going to figure that out right now. Let’s see how “easy” it is to make a website…

Erasing All the Confusion

I was in a local forum on Alignable recently answering common questions about starting a website, specifically an ecommerce site. I scrolled through the answers and saw so many web designers formulating their answers to scare the person who asked the question. They were saying that to make a site you need to learn AJAX, and networks, and all the common languages of web development. They were saying even when you make a website you are just a pebble in the ocean and you need their help to make that not so.

My face was one of utter confusion. I had to check for a moment and make sure the past 10 years of me designing websites was real, because everything they were saying was such rubbish.

“You know that you can get a decent site up without ever even looking at code?”

No exaggeration there. When I started so many years ago, HTML scared me too. I saw it and did everything I could to avoid it. And guess what? I was still able to make websites, sell products, create landing pages, embed optin forms, and so much more. No coding required.

No Worries

So no worries, ok? A basic website does not require a thousand years of programming knowledge. You can build one right on WordPress with little to no experience. Now, you may be thinking about other platforms. You know, the ones that promise no knowledge of anything and you can build your own perfect site. Sites like Wix and Squarespace.

I will not be nice here or hold anything back.

I don’t exactly like those website builders and my clients don’t either. Nearly half of my clients have come to me from one of those website builders because they just couldn’t deal with it anymore. And many of my hours were spent in just the transfer to WordPress.

UPDATE: Many of my new clients since I wrote this article have needed website conversions from Wix to WordPress because they really want to be able to customize and easily update their site. They had only started their site with Wix because they needed “something” up, but as soon as they were able, they came to a professional. Just like all of us, having something truly unique to you and your business is so important. 

UPDATE: I have to be honest, I kind of lowkey like Squarespace. I don’t use it for client websites but if you have a decent monthly budget and want something up quick that will look great and not cost thousands, Squarespace is……I have to say this……not a bad platform. It just ain’t bad and I wasn’t even paid to say this!

My advice is to stay away because while you don’t need to code to make a great website, you need experience. Experience in marketing, website planning, digital strategy, SEO, and user experience (UX).

It’s Not About Looks

A website must have substance. It must have purpose. Mostly anyone can design a decent looking website but whether or not they design it to convert leads into customers is another story. A website is useless if it doesn’t convert or optimize traffic. Designing a website for me is fun and my knowledge of the industry and experience makes it simple but not easy. I put a lot into the process before I even work on the design. That’s how much there is to it all.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying you can’t create a high converting website. You can learn anything if you put in the time and practice. It’s just important to know that is the deciding factor on whether a website is easy to make or not. You can make a great looking site without touching a bit of code but will it work and do its job, which is to help you reach your revenue goals? That is what really matters.

So What’s the Point of Me

You can learn how to create a WordPress site easily. You can purchase a theme to get the look you want. You can put in the time to learn what makes a website convert. WordPress has loads of plugins to solve most problems you may have so why would anyone hire me?

Here’s why most do:
  • Higher end website with cool effects and a premium look
  • My years of experience in creating sites that convert and generate good revenue
  • Time (really big one) – why waste time learning skills you will only need to use once and not hire someone who does only this for a living every day
  • Customization – I love coding and my clients love having a design that is perfect and designed special for them. I don’t use themes.
  • Assistance – if something goes wrong, I am here to fix any problems rapidly with your site
  • Special Functionality – this is where the serious programming comes in, but I happen to love it!
  • Beyond the Site – what do you do after the site is finally up? You can’t have leads without traffic.
  • Further guidance – I don’t just do websites. I look at your whole business to see what can be done to get you to your goals fastest with a good ROI

You Can Do Pretty Well On Your Own

Coding isn’t really the problem at all. You can do pretty well on your own. It is only when you really want to amp things up that someone like me may come into play. Otherwise, it is pretty hard for me to tell you that making a website is hard or that you need to know every programming language in the book. You can do anything if you put in the time and effort.

Because the process of creating a high converting website takes time to learn, I put together a short ebook to summarize my process for making a normal website into one that pumps customers into your business. If you don’t have it already, you can download it here.

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