We build websites that get you RESULTS. And it's that simple

Every design, every decision, every strategy is unique to you and your business needs. We take hold of your vision and create something for you that will wow you and your customers and bring you results. Our work will leave you feeling secure, satisfied and at ease knowing your business is in the right hands.

What MarvelousWeb Does Best

Premier Web Design

We build custom, responsive, smart websites that you and your customer will love. We put in precious time and care to make sure it looks good and converts!

Digital Marketing and Strategy

After learning your business goals we research and develop a perfect online strategy for you to consistently generate new customers.

Social Media Management

We grow and manage your social media so you don't have to! Social media is an essential tool for EVERY business and we happen to be experts.

To Keep Things Simple...

...we set up digital strategies to make your WILDEST business goals a reality as quickly as possible.

Stunning websites, amazing strategies is our game. Based in Cleveland, OH, we really know what we are doing when it comes to setting up an online presence for your business that actually gets results. We really like to focus on your business goals because we know we can get you to them.

We believe in achieving the impossible and the improbable and bring a mindset to the process that most web designers don't. That mindset is that the web truly is Marvelous and we see no limits in what we can achieve with it. No matter what you have in mind for your business, we are ready to GO!

Your #1 Cleveland Web Design Specialist! (and so much more)

We don't hope to deliver, we do deliver exactly what you want and need for your business. Our job isn't done until you say your new site is perfect.

We aren't like most web design businesses. Our priority is seeing you happy by producing lead generating results. With every project, that is our end goal. We build responsive, great looking websites but meaningful results always comes first.

Our end goal is to design websites with digital marketing funnels that capture leads and setup the necessary online platforms to get your website found by customers.

Take a look at our process.

Absolute Satisfaction

As we say to every client we work with - we have no interest in creating something you don't 100% like.

Our Websites

  • Responsive and Mobile Friendly Sites

    All of our websites adapt to the user's screen. Whether they are on a TV, a laptop, or a small phone, our websites automatically adjust to the screen size for a seamless user experience. In a time when 70% of searches are done on mobile devices, this has never been more important.

  • SEO Ready from the Start

    Did you know that page speed can affect your Google rankings? SEO isn't just about content. We take into account all the factors that will make your site rank better and design it accordingly. Not only do we optimize for certain keywords but we also make sure your user will love the site and stay on it (this affects your rankings more than anything). We make sure your site is fast, has good user retentions, and converts at as high a rate as possible!

  • Designed for You

    Our websites are completely designed for you. We don't use any templates. We start from scratch with a mockup and you will have unlimited revisions until it is exactly what you want. Then when the website is up and running you'll have a full month of free support to make any changes you like. We do this because we want you to be happy with the finished product.

  • Designed for your Customers

    Your website would be useless if it didn't mean anything to your customers. At the beginning of every project we do extensive research into your customers to find what they find important and to make sure that throughout the design process it always aligns with their needs. Why? So when they come to your site, they will know that you are the one that can help them with their problem. 

A Taste of Our Work

View our full portfolio here.

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Work 1-on-1 with one person

You won't have to worry about dealing with people in India or the Philippines or any place where it's hard to get in contact with them. You'll be working one-on-one with me, Hannah Fitzgerald, the owner of this great business. When you work with me, I am always a phone call or text away! I work with people all over the world and across the USA but most of my clients are right here in Cleveland!

You truly are the focus here

We're not your typical web design company. We are small and only work with two to three clients every month. What does this mean for you? It means you aren't just another project we need to hammer out. It means we take our time and focus on your needs for your business and work carefully to build a website and strategy for you that will blow your competition out of the water.

"After attempting to create my own business website, I quickly realized the need to call in a professional. I ended up working with Hannah Fitzgerald of [MarvelousWeb Media], who proved to be the perfect mix of speedy, responsive and affordable. I didn’t need the most complicated website – just a place where potential clients could view my freelance writing clips – but other designers always seemed to want to complicate matters and charge accordingly. Hannah produced no more and no less than what I needed. I’d recommend her without reservation."

-Douglas Trattner - DouglasTrattner.com

Sit back, Relax, and Let Us Do the Hard Work For You

What You Shouldn't Do Next...


You shouldn't spend even more time searching the web for web designers. You shouldn't just tackle this yourself. We take your investment in us seriously and that is why our primary focus is ROI and getting you results. So its really simple. Contact us by filling out the form below. We really can't wait to hear from you!

P.S. We Love This

We love knowing that we have the skills to radically change the life of a business owner. We love that we can take the weight off your shoulders and bring you results. Second to that is our love of designing and coding and crafting the perfect solution for each unique client. Please expect our total investment in you and your business.

Case Studies Are In!

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