We do custom quotes for every project because every business has different needs. By providing custom quotes we remove all limits in terms of what we can do for your business and ensuring your reach all your business goals.

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Well, every project is different but we average about 1 month turnaround time to build a website. This does not include the time for Discovery Sessions.

I’ll give you a few reasons. First, I will not say the person doesn’t know what they’re doing like everyone else does but I will say you are not getting the best for business. Designers working within that budget are extremely limited in the solutions they can provide. You will be missing out on essential functionality for your business. The main reason for getting a website is to help your business. No matter the cost it is worth the investment because in the long run it will pay for itself 100x. Spending such a small amount only to have to spend more later is frankly a waste of your valuable time.

Second, you run the risk of hiring someone who churns out websites for an easy profit. These people do not design sites with purpose and you will end up with a generic template website that does not help you move towards your business goals or uniquely represent you.

Oh yeah. We don’t use generic themes and call it a day. After much research and chatting with you, we come up with a design that represents your brand. We take our time to create a layout and design so your customer have a great experience on your site. Leading them to contact you.

Content is always included with our sites. We work with some of the best copywriters available in your industry to create rich enticing content that converts visitors into paying customer easily.

And yes, that means we won’t hound you for content. You can just sit back and relax while we pool together the essential content for your site.

*We use WordPress for all of our sites so text is very easy to edit if you want to quickly change it.

Yes we offer hosting for our clients! We use private servers to ensurte your data is secure and provide you with a free SSL to make sure all information going to and from your site is encrypted. In addition to all that, we back up your site daily. Then to add just a bit more, our servers are blazing fast, so you don’t need to worry about the 3-second rule. 

We require a 50% down payment prior to starting the project and the other half 30 days after the project has started.

Yes and they are free with your project. We work with some amazing graphic artists who can get you the perfect, professional logo to represent your business for years to come.

Don’t worry. Throughout the course of this project you will only need to talk to one person and that is the owner, Hannah Fitzgerald.  No need to repeat yourself to five different people here.

Well I am glad you asked! You can visit this page right here and if you qualify, we can get this project started very quickly because…your business cannot wait.